Sydney West Translational Cancer Research Centre
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About Us

The Sydney West Translational Cancer Research Centre was established in late 2011 with grant funding from the Cancer Institute NSW. A successful application for further funding in 2016 will allow us continue working to improve outcomes for cancer patients through a range of translational research programs over the next 5 years.

It is a cross-site consortium that links Multi-Disciplinary Teams within the Sydney West Cancer Network with cancer research groups of the Westmead Institute for Medical Research, the Westmead node of the Melanoma Institute Australia, and other affiliated clinical and research groups involved in cancer care and research in western Sydney.

The Sydney West Translational Cancer Research Centre aims to connect and synergise outstanding expertise in cancer care, cancer research and research translation. It will ensure that translational research remains at the core of providing world-leading cancer care to our community, and will contribute to the international effort to improve outcomes for cancer patients.

The Translational Cancer Research Centre Vision

The Sydney West Translational Cancer Research Centre vision is to create a dynamic, professional community across multiple locations and disciplines that are connected in real-time through an interactive information technology network. 

Our overall goal is to enhance current and future translational cancer medicine through a range of initiatives that will:

  • Create a connected professional community of cancer research and practice in western Sydney.
  • Embed research as one of the core disciplines contributing to the Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) based approach to cancer care.
  • Provide support, training and development of the cancer workforce.
  • Implement and evaluate the impact of strategies to disseminate knowledge and effect practice change in the broader clinical community.