Sydney West Translational Cancer Research Centre
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Sydney West Cancer Network

The Sydney West Cancer Network (SWCN) includes The Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre Westmead, the Nepean Cancer Care Centre, the Blacktown Oncology Centre and the Palliative Care Unit at Mount Druitt Hospital. The SWCN provides comprehensive cancer services including treatment of newly diagnosed cancer, follow-ups with cancer patients, management of recurrent disease, cancer screening, management of high risk families and individuals, palliative care and the provision of psychological support and counselling.

A major theme of cancer treatment in the SWCN is the advanced development of the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) approach to cancer care.

The Westmead Institute for Medical Research

The Westmead Institute for Medical Research (WIMR) is an independent medical research institute affiliated with Westmead Hospital and The University of Sydney. It is one of Australia’s largest medical research institutes and conducts research into a wide range of human disorders. Research at WIMR extends from the laboratory to the patient using a ‘Bench to Bedside’ approach that incorporates the basic tools of molecular and cell biology, genetic epidemiology, imaging technology and clinical research.

Cancer research is the largest focus of activity of WIMR with the nationally and internationally recognised basic and translational research groups of the Centre for Cancer Research (CCR) focused on breast cancer, ovarian cancer, leukaemia, melanoma, as well as gene expression research. CCR also houses the wet-lab facilities of the Melanoma Institute of Australia. In addition, researchers at the WIMR Storr Liver Unit work on hepatocellular carcinoma and cancer pharmacogenomics.

The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney established the Cancer Research Network (CRN) in 2006 to link cancer researchers in the university and its teaching hospitals and affiliated institutes and institutions. The network aims to build high quality cancer research capacity and achieve international cancer research excellence in areas of strength. The network has a translational research focus and fosters communications with and among members to facilitate research collaboration.