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8th Sino-Australian Symposium: Immunologically Mediated Disease – underlying mechanism



New Law School Lecture Theatre, The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney and Shanghai Jiaotong University has a long established relationship. Since 2008 we have held an annual research symposium together (alternating between Sydney and Shanghai). These symposia are an important platform to link our researchers with theirs to create meaningful research collaborations, in addition to exchange of scientific information. The theme for the 8th symposium is “Immunologically Medicated Disease – underlying mechanisms”.

RSVP: by 12 November 2015 to Veronica Ryan

1st Session
Inflammation: Myeloid Responses to Viral Infection
Characterization of Hepatitis B Virus Quasispecies and Its Clinical Significances

2nd Session
Immunology of Atherosclerosis
LRRK2 Plays Critical Roles in Inflammasomes Activation

3rd Session
Membrane Microparticles – responses of cells to parasites and other infections
A MicroRNA-mediated Regulation in Peripherally Derived Regulatory T Cell Generation

4th Session
Tuberculosis Vaccines
The impact of Fc on agonistic antibody function

5th Session
Modelling dynamics of anti-cancer virotherapy and immunotherapy
Our Work on the Gallbladder Cancer Research