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A/Prof Geralidine O’Neill: The right place: tissue context is key in glioblastoma brain cancer

CCR seminar



WIMR level 2 Conference room

We are having a special seminar this Thursday (22nd Nov) by A/Prof Geralidine O’Neill on “The right place: tissue context is key in glioblastoma brain cancer”

As usual, Level 2 WIMR conference Room- 1pm – 2pm- this is the last CCR seminar for the year. Don’t miss!

Geraldine is a FAB scientist (in the literal sense and scientific parlance - as she is the group leader of the Focal Adhesion Biology Group) at the Children’s Hospital and KRI here at Westmead. The central theme of her research is to understand how cancer cell interaction with the surrounding matrix leads to the progression to metastatic disease, one of the major causes of cancer patient mortality. Her team investigates the cell biology of cancer cell invasion, with a particular focus on brain tumours and neuroblastoma. Goes without saying that she has an enviable record of publication, leadership and mentorship and I have had the privilege of seeing her organise the new USYD’s AMED Cancer course last semester at Westmead. She is a wealth of information and knowledge and has served on the reviewing panels for NHMRC and other funding agencies like Cancer Council, Cure Cancer, NBCF etc.