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CCR meeting 10 August 2017



Seminar Room, The Westmead Institute for Medical Research (WIMR)


Prof Helen Rizos, from Macquarie University

Title: Predicting response and resistance in melanoma

Prof Rizos needs no introduction for all old timers in CCR- She was one of us for several years before moving to MacU. For all the newbies -

Prof. Helen Rizos is an inspiring cancer cell biologist with an international reputation in the field of melanoma senescence, tumour suppressor proteins and oncoproteins. Her work combines genetic analyses of melanoma tumours with functional molecular and cell biology in order to understand the role and regulation of genes and cellular pathways that influence the development and therapeutic response of melanoma. Her work defines targetable mechanisms of sensitivity and response to selective oncogene inhibitors and immunotherapies in melanoma.
Her specific research interests include:
• Role of oncogenic signalling pathways in enhancing the survival and proliferation of cancer cells
• Genetic effectors of melanoma resistance to cancer therapies
• Impact of MAPK inhibitors on immune regulatory pathways in melanoma
• Utility of circulating tumour DNA and RNA as prognostic tool
• She has over 80 prestigious publications in top tier journals like Cell, Nature Communications, Clinical Cancer Research etc and has been awarded several NHMRC project grants and fellowships.

Chair: Kavi