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Dr Jason Wong: Formation and function of cis-regulatory mutations in cancer genomes

Westmead Hub Bioinformatics Seminar



Children’s Medical Research Institute Seminar Room 1

This month we have Dr Jason Wong, from the Lowy Cancer Research Centre (UNSW) whom will be presenting a seminar on “Formation and function of cis-regulatory mutations in cancer genomes”.

Jason is a Senior Lecturer and ARC Future Fellow at the Prince of Wales Clinical School at UNSW. He leads the Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics group at the Lowy Cancer Research Centre. His talk will discuss the use of publicly available cancer genomics datasets to make new discoveries about how mutations form and potentially cause the dysregulation of gene expression in cancer cells.

The talk will be 30 mins, and in line with the ethos of the meeting it is intended to be relatively informal and promote discussion/opportunities for asking questions and connecting. Therefore there will be plenty of time for discussion.

Food + refreshments will also be provided!

We would like to thank the Westmead Research Hub, whom have kindly provided sponsorship for our seminar series. This enables us to continue to build our local community and provides us with some capacity for running some different events.