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Gareth Denyer: eNotebook: a fantastic data storage and collaboration system to manage research data

University of Sydney all staff forum at Westmead



Lecture Theatre 3 - Westmead Education and Conference Centre (WECC)

Associate Professor Gareth Denyer is the University's Research Data Steward and will be leading the event to discuss eNotebook: a fantastic data storage and collaboration system to manage research data.

University HDR milestones require that all research students show evidence that they have engaged in good research data management during their candidature. The recent VC Academic Honesty Taskforce defined what this means in practice and we need to ensure that students (and their supervisors) have access and training to the tools that will enable them to conform with these expectations.

Good research data management is more than just getting data off mixed media and consolidating it on University backed-up and secure servers. It is about the peace of mind which flows from knowing the integrity and provenance of the data. It is about being in control of collaborations and avoiding disaster if relationships sour. It is about allowing students and staff to leave the University with a full record of what they have done, with everything organised so that the passage of time does not conceal the context.

Most of all, however, good data management is about communication; the dialogue around the protocols, results, analysis flows, hypotheses and conclusions that form the process of doing research. In this presentation, Gareth will demonstrate how the institutional eNotebook defines the standards and expectations for research data management – with reference to every stage of the data life-cycle from planning, through acquisition and preparation for archiving.

Following the presentation, the Westmead Program Team members will be available for open discussion on issues and questions from staff:
Professor Chris Peck – Vice Chancellor’s Delegate for Westmead
Kate O’Sullivan – Chief Operating Officer
Professor David Cook – Academic Director
Michael Texilake – Project Manager
Emma Jowsey & Michael Jessett – CIS
Gabrielle Whelan & George Khouri – ICT

All university staff and affiliates are welcome to attend. Please register here: