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Getting Published as an Early Career Researcher

Wiley UniDay



The University of Sydney School of Chemistry ABS Aduitorium (B2010) F11, Eastern Ave

Being an Early Career Researcher is difficult even without the challenges of trying to get your research published. Wiley has organised a special event, the Wiley UniDay, to address the challenges you face and increase your chances of getting published.

This 2-hour event will bring together editors of prominent journals, publishing experts and research publishing professionals. Together, the speakers will provide valuable insight from their different perspectives in the world of research publishing and give you the information they wish they had known as an Early Career Researcher.

Our speakers:
Laureate Professor Nicholas J. Talley - Editor in Chief, Medical Journal of Australia
Cherry Agustin - Editor in Chief, Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences
Esther Levy - Editor in Chief, Advanced Materials Technologies
Consulting Editor, Advanced Materials
Lin Perry - Editor, Journal of Advanced Nursing
Julia Ballard - Senior Manager, Society Marketing Services, Wiley

Panel Discussion
A panel discussion with journal editors and experts in publishing
The panel will cover a range of topics including:

Tips for Early Career Researchers and increasing your chances of getting published
What you wish you had known as an Early Career Researcher?
How to promote your research
Publishing ethics
Wiley's eMentorship program Wiley Researcher Academy
Representation in research
There will also be a Q + A session with the panel

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