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Hub Bioinformatics Service Information Seminar with Dr Brian Gloss



Westmead Institute for Medical Research

Dr Brian Gloss is the new Advanced Specialist in Bioinformatics in the scientific platforms team located at Westmead Institute. His role is funded by the Westmead Research Hub. He will provide bioinformatics training, support and services for all hub researchers, clinician and students.

Brian comes from the Garvan Institute where he spent 7 years as a postdoctoral researcher in Genome Informatics and more recently Computational and Single Cell Genomics. He has published broadly in the application of sequencing technologies to development and disease processes. He is passionate about the advancement of medical research through technology, computational biology and enjoys collaborative research.

Brian aims to provide computational and informatics workflows to enable hub researchers to get the most out of their data. Initially this will be offered for genomic technologies and will extend to other core technologies, e.g. high parameter flow cytometry and imaging cytometry, as they become available. He will give a brief overview of his work, interests and services at the seminar.

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