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Masterclass and Networking Forum in Applications of Digital Biology

Digital PCR Workshop



WIMR L2 Conference room

The aim of the Digital PCR Workshop  is to educate researchers on the use and applications of this technology, which is primarily the absolute quantification of nucleic acids, and how to implement Digital PCR into your experiments and projects.

We will have several speakers from the Westmead Research Hub, Ingham Institute and the National Measurement Institute who will provide examples of how Digital PCR has been utilized in their studies. Also present will be application specialists from Biorad who will be there to answer any technical questions you may have about the technology.

Bio-Rad's Droplet Digital™ PCR (ddPCR™) is a breakthrough technology that provides absolute quantification of nucleic acids. It is particularly useful for detection of targets in complex backgrounds or for monitoring subtle changes or low nucleic acid abundance not easily detected/quantified with traditional qPCR.

Register for this forum to learn and share knowledge in Droplet Digital Biology across a range of applications including Rare Mutation Detection, Copy Number Variation, Liquid Biopsy, Genome Editing Detection - CRISPR, Pathogen Detection and Quantification, Environmental Monitoring and more. With presentations from leading scientists investigating new applications and global experts from Bio-Rad, this forum is a must for existing researchers in the field or for scientists looking to adopt Digital Biology for research or clinical aspects.

Lunch will be provided. As seats are limited, register here: