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Meditech - Medical Innovation to 2025 & beyond



ecture Theatre Charles Perkins Centre Building D17 Johns Hopkins Drive (off Missenden Road) The University of Sydney

The Warren Centre’s Meditech: 2016 to 2025 and beyond event is an unmissable innovation and networking evening that will illuminate the latest thinking in medical innovation, technology, devices, biomedical engineering and genetic manipulation.

Medical innovation is evolving rapidly. The application of solutions more aligned with traditional medicine is being challenged by technological innovations in the field of biomedical engineering and genetic manipulation.

The global medical technology market was valued at US$349 billion in 2012 with a forecast growth rate of 4.5%. In Australia the industry has grown significantly since 1990 with a turnover of approximately AU$10.2 billion. Australia has a proud history in medical innovation from the successful establishment of the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories in 1916, to today’s many other global leaders such as ResMed and Cochlear.

From innovations such as the purification of penicillin by Howard Florey to spray on skin and the Gardasil vaccine, Australia has made many globally significant contributions to healthcare. Australia has a competitive advantage in medical technology industries with increasing growth over the past 20 years, and was identified by the Commonwealth Government as an area of competitive strength. Establishing the first of a series of Growth Centres, the MedTech and Pharma Growth Centre “MTP Connect” will provide an opportunity to further Australia’s competitive advantage.

The panelists are:

Victor Rodrigues - Chief Software Architect, Cochlear

Professor Hala Zreiqat - Head of Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering Research, University of Sydney

Professor John Mattick - Executive Director & Lab Head RNA Biology & Plasticity, Garvan Institute

Kathy Connell - Director New Ventures, J&J Innovations

Cost: $60 General Admisson || $20 University or School Student

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