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Modern Management of Thyroid Cancer: A Paradigm for Personalised Medicine

Sydney Vital Translational Cancer Research Centre



Auditorium, Kolling Institute of Medical Research

Sydney Vital is proud to present a panel discussion and Q&A session on Modern Management of Thyroid Cancer. This event is open to researchers, clinicians and the northern local health district community. Patients are welcome to attend along with their friends and family members.

Thyroid cancer is the commonest malignancy of the endocrine glands. This event will highlight new approaches to managing thyroid cancer, adopting a highly personalized approach tailored to a patient’s specific risk. Our speaker panel includes leading national thyroid cancer experts and they will discuss how treatment pathways are balanced to optimize patient outcomes:
•Prof Bruce Robinson: New medical therapies for high-risk thyroid cancers, offering new hope to these patients with previously poor outcomes.
•A/Prof Diana Learoyd: The importance of not over-treating low risk thyroid cancer, discussing how expert clinicians use patient-specific features to identify those that require minimal treatment.
•A/Prof Mark Sywak: Surgery for high risk thyroid cancer, identifying the need for careful pre-operative planning and the use of a multidiscplinary team approach.
•Dr Geoff Schembri: Modern trends in radioactive iodine treatment, using risk-adjusted dosing.

Moderator: A/Prof Rory Clifton-Bligh, Associate Professor Medicine, Northern Clinical School, Kolling Institute of Medical Research

Panel Members/ Guest Speakers:

1. Prof Bruce Robinson, AM Honorary Professor Medicine, Northern Clinical School, Kolling Institute of Medical Research

2. A/Prof Diana Learoyd, Associate Professor Medicine, Northern Clinical School

3. A/Prof Mark Sywak, Clinical Associate Professor Surgery, Northern Clinical School

4. Dr Geoff Schembri, Clinical Lecturer Medicine, Northern Clinical School

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