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NSW research opportunities from a National Particle Therapy and Research Centre in the Westmead precinct



The Westmead Institute for Medical Research, Level 2 Conference Room

Background: a clinical, scientific, research and business case has been developed for a National Particle Therapy and Research Centre on the Westmead Hospital Campus and is currently under consideration by government. The primary aim of the centre is for cancer patient treatment and for direct clinical and linked research. However, the availability of such a facility, with its proposed ion beams (protons up to 250 MeV or so, as well as carbon and other light ion beams of up to around 450MeV/u) and associated imaging, data and other support requirements, presents significant additional opportunities for wider spin-off research, e.g in medical physics and a range of other physics areas, biology and radiobiology, (bio-)engineering, data science, computer science, etc. The symposium is intended to explore some of these opportunities for NSW and to open dialogue between potential research users.

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Please RSVP by Friday 28th June 2019 to: [email protected]