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Nuclear science and technologies for health III: A new paradigm for molecular imaging



Level 6 Seminar Room Charles Perkins Centre University of Sydney

This one day symposium brings together experts from a broad range of disciplines to identify the opportunities afforded by a new generation of total body Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging technology to address the challenges of systemic disease.

Our keynote speakers will present the unique capabilities of the total-body PET technology called EXPLORER and the major challenges in mental health, metabolic disease and cancer that will benefit from combining a systemic approach with ultra-low dose exposure. The keynote lectures will be augmented by panel and small group discussions about the potential of this technology for our research, biotechnology and clinical communities.

Who should attend?

Clinical and academic researchers, industry and health sector representatives; those interested in what the new generation of PET technology can bring to health research and practice.


Opening Address: Sue MacLeman, Chief Executive Officer, MTPConnect

Keynote Speakers:

Simon Cherry, Distinguished Professor, University of California, Davis, USA

"Changing the Molecular Imaging Paradigm with Total-body PET/CT"

David James, Leonard P Ullman Chair of Metabolic Systems Biology, Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney

"Metabolic Precision Medicine"

Ian Hickie, Professor of Psychiatry and Co-Director (Health and Policy), Brain and Mind Centre, University of Sydney

"Seeing (and imaging) the whole person in Brain and Mind"

Maria Kavallaris, Professor and Head of the Tumour Biology and Targeting Program, Children's Cancer Institute, University of NSW

"Paediatric Oncology"

Panel Discussion:

Sue MacLeman, Chief Executive Officer, MTPConnect

Nigel Lyons, Chief Executive, NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation

Alan Taylor, Executive Chairman, Clarity Pharmaceuticals

Simon Ringer, Director of Core Facilities and Professor, University of Sydney

Cost: Free