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Prof Kevin White: Tempus: Using massive clinical and genomic datasets to help physicians build personalized treatments for individual patients

WIMR Seminar



Westmead Institute for Medical Research Level 2 Conference Facility

Professor Kevin White, Director, Institute for Genomics & Systems Biology; Department of Human Genetics, University of Chicago, USA

Prof White is a genomics and systems biologist, who has developed a precision medicine platform called Tempus which aims to provide clinical genomic solutions to oncologists. The Tempus platform incorporates the world's largest library of clinical and molecular data and an operating system to make that information accessible and useful for patients, physicians and researchers.

Dr. White graduated magna cum laude from Yale University with a joint BS-MS in biology in 1993. He completed his PhD in developmental biology at Stanford University in 1998. He has attracted numerous awards including NIH Genome Scholar in 2000, and Pritzker Fellow in 2006. His lab studies the coordinated action of networks of genes that control developmental and evolutionary processes. His work has a particular focus on building genome-wide models of transcriptional networks, using integrated approaches and multidimensional data. He is now applying his systems biology skills to create clinical genomic solutions.

Refreshments provided after the meeting