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Prof Rob Knight: Our Dynamic Microbiomes and Gut Health

Our Dynamic Microbiomes and Gut Health



Charles Perkins Centre Auditorium, Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney

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Keynote Speaker

Professor Rob Knight, University of California, American Gut Project

We change our microbiomes every day through the foods we eat, the environments we experience, even the people we live and work with. The implications of these changes in the microbiome for our health are just beginning to be understood.
Through the American Gut Project, the largest crowdsourced and crowdfunded citizen-science project yet conducted, we now know about the microbiomes of many types of people, from the healthiest (student-athletes, centenarians) to the sickest (cancer patients, ICU patients, those with C. diff).
Amazingly, diet has an especially profound effect on our microbiomes, often outweighing the effects of disease or medications. This raises the prospect of a system for real-time analysis of our microbiomes that helps guide our daily decisions in a way that optimizes our microbiomes for life-long wellness.