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Sydney Hacky Hour



Teaching Rooms 301 and 302, Brain & Mind Centre, 94 Mallet St (Building F), Camperdown

Sydney Informatics Hub are hosting their own Hacky Hour!

Hacky Hour is a regular meet-up where researchers can congregate to collaborate, and get research help in a social environment. Experts will be on hand to advise on problems related to coding, data analytics, or digital tools, with knowledgeable folk from SIH and other departments who can help you with your questions.

Hacky Hour has been successfully replicated at other universities such as UTS, Melbourne, Griffith Univeristy and The University of British Columbia.

Come to a session!

How do you get involved? Just show up. If you have a laptop or tablet, bring it along so you can show what you’re working on.

The first Hacky Hour is being hosted at the Brain & Mind Centre. We have bioinformaticians, computer scientists, data scientists, data strategists, research computing and digital tool specialists, and other mentors on call to give you a hand with your problems.

People come to Hacky Hour for many reasons:
◾Get advice on how to best collect and manage your data
◾Have someone to show you the basics in R.
◾Learn the best way to show some spatial data on a map.
◾You recently attended an Intersect training course and want more help using tool ‘X’.
◾Your honours student is pestering you to use version control and need help getting started.
◾You need to get a huge dataset from a colleague overseas as quickly and easily as possible.
◾You’d like a friendly environment to hack away at your data-crunching scripts, and maybe pick up a collaborator.

Even if you don’t have any problems you want solved, come along to:
◾Network and chat with other like-minded researchers.
◾Help solve someone else’s problem.
◾Wrangle your data in the presence of others like-minded.
◾Run your own special-interest data or analytical groups nearby and reach a wider audience.
◾Help a colleague overcome their fears of using Git.
◾Show off a really useful tool you just discovered

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