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Sydney Ideas - Precision medicine: can it live up to the hype?

Sydney Ideas



Charles Perkins Centre Auditorium John Hopkins Drive (off Missenden Road) Camperdown

Join us as world-renowned thinkers explore some of the key issues around precision medicine. We analyse the realities of disease prediction, economics, ethics, clinical applications and the balance between the personal and the public benefit.

The promise of precision medicine is that it could offer better health outcomes by targeting patients’ genetic and biochemical make-up to pinpoint, predict, prevent and treat diseases. Can it deliver on this?

In this event, physician and epidemiologist Professor Sandro Galea from Boston University will present a short keynote on the approaches and value of personalised medicine versus public health medicine. Health economist, Associate Professor Sarah Wordsworth from Oxford University will give a short address examining the economics, asking who pays and who benefits?

Join them for a robust discussion that will include clinician Professor Chris Semsarian from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Associate Professor Ainsley Newson, Deputy Director of Sydney Health Ethics at the Sydney School of Public Health.

Professor Robyn Ward, Executive Dean at the Faculty of Medicine and Health, will introduce and chair the conversation.