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The Future of Microbiome Research



Manly Novotel Novotel Sydney Manly Pacific 55 North Steyne Manly NSW

Microbiome research is the study of microorganisms in their natural habitats. Some of these include the human body, where microbiomes affect physical and mental health. Although it is a new field, microbiome investigations have already made many surprising discoveries about ecosystem maintenance and dysfunction. The field is developing rapidly in terms of data analysis and methods. This conference will look into the future of microbiome research, by addressing methodological challenges and emerging theoretical resources. The meeting is interdisciplinary and brings together a rich diversity of views on microbiome science.


Microbes are a girl's best friend: the human vaginal microbiome
Elisabeth Bik

Re-wilding the lab mouse microbiota
Catherine Burke

The many selves problem: the microbiome and individuality
*Jointly presented
Brett Calcott

Advancing translational microbiota-brain research in mental health
Jane Foster

Use, misuse and abuse of key microbial ecology concepts in microbiome research
Andrew Holmes

The challenges of clinical microbiome research
Katarzyna Hooks

Methodology and robustness in microbiome research
John Huss

How causal are microbiomes?
Kate Lynch

Computational approaches to microbiome analysis
Macha Nikolski

Progress in microbiome research
Maureen O’Malley

The microbiome inside and out: lessons from studying the assembly of surface microbiomes compared to those in the gut
Laura Parfrey

The many selves problem: the microbiome and individuality
*Jointly presented
Emily Parke

Can host-microbiome systems be healthy? Shaping ecosystems vs curing disease
Derek Skillings

Ancient DNA studies reveal the evolutionary history of the human microbiome
Laura Weyrich

On ‘Stories and Structures’: Curating an exhibition of micrographs and Australian indigenous art

Jenny Whiting



Contact: Charles Perkins Centre, Maureen O'Malley