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Town hall meeting Westmead - new Faculty of Medicine and Health



Westmead Education and Conference Centre, Lecture Theatre 4

Stephen Garton is pleased to invite you to one of a series of four town hall meetings he is hosting for all staff within Dentistry, Health Sciences, Medicine, Nursing and Midwifery and Pharmacy in mid-March, to talk to you about the vision for the new Faculty of Medicine and Health, the process we will follow to establish the new structure, and provide you with the opportunity to ask questions.

Stephen will also introduce you to Professor Alan Pettigrew, the Transition Manager leading the work to develop the detailed leadership structure and governance of the new Faculty.

Alan is currently developing a conceptual leadership model, and proposed timeline, that will unite initially four then all five health faculties as schools in the new faculty structure approved by Senate in December 2016.

We will explain the work that has happened to date, next steps for engaging with staff, the proposed plans and timing for implementation, and how we will engage formally with you once the new proposed conceptual leadership model has been designed.

The four meetings are in three different locations to give you optimal opportunity to attend. Jabber connections are also available where possible. Please register your attendance at any one of the four sessions, following the instructions below.

Monday 13 March: Camperdown 3-4pm. Veterinary Science Conference Centre, Lecture Theatre 208. Jabber connection available, details to follow
Thursday 16 March: Camperdown 3-4pm Charles Perkins Centre Lecture Theatre. Jabber connection available, details to follow
Friday 17 March: Westmead 11-12 noon. Westmead Education and Conference Centre, Lecture Theatre 4. Jabber connection available, details to follow
Wednesday 22 March: Cumberland Campus 11-12 noon. Room B020. (video conferencing is not available from this venue)

How to register:
Option 1: If you have access to Outlook and can see four attachments with this message,
1. Looking at the attachments, identify which session you’d like to attend/join by Jabber
1. Right click on the relevant attachment/session you wish to attend and select ‘Open’
2. You will be asked if you wish to add the invitation into Outlook – say ‘YES’
3. ACCEPT the invitation
4. Send the response
5. Check the meeting is in your diary

Option 2: If you are unable to register with option 1 please email [email protected] with your name, your faculty/school and your preferred session and details will be sent to you .

If you have any questions please email [email protected]