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Westmead Research Hub Grants Review Scheme: Grant Pitch Presentation 3



WIMR level 2 seminar room

Westmead Research Hub Grants Review Scheme will take place again this year, with grant pitch presentation sessions scheduled for 12th, 13th and 27th October (2 -5 pm) in the WIMR level 2 seminar room. 

To indicate your expression of interest to participate please email the following people:

WIMR researchers: Julie Djordjevic ([email protected])
Children’s Hospital Westmead/KRI researchers: Gillian Scott ([email protected])
Westmead Hospital researchers: Mark Smith ([email protected]) on behalf of Professor Jenny Gunton).

Instructions for submitting an Expression of Interest

For new grants, please submit a 1–page summary (more if you have it) and include CIs and AIs 2 by the 10th October to the relevant persons indicated above. The summary should be similar to what is normally displayed on the front page of a completed grant proposal: It should state what the problem is/key issues the grant addresses, hypothesis, aims with brief methods, preliminary data and significance in relation to a human health outcome. For unsuccessful grants, please submit the grant and reviewer’s comments along with any plan of action.

Instructions for actual pitch presentation

The presentation should be no more than 15 min long with a maximum of 5 slides. Similar to your one page submission, your presentation should state what the problem is/key issues to be addressed, hypothesis, aims with brief methods, any preliminary data, your team and the significance in relation to a human health outcome. We encourage you to ask members of your centre, particularly the more senior investigators and especially those who intend to be a chief investigator, to attend your session to ensure you receive appropriate feedback. In this first round of grant reviews your pitch session will be the main forum for receiving feedback.
Please also note that the University of Sydney Research Portfolio will again be asking investigators to complete Notification of Intent (NOI) forms in 2016. They have reviewed feedback from last year, and this year introduced some modifications to the process based on this feedback. Details of these changes and plans for the next round of NHMRC submissions can be found at

Julie Djordjevic (on behalf of the GAMC)