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4th PC4 Scientific Symposium



Rendezvous Hotel, Melbourne

The 4th PC4 Scientific Symposium will bring together an array of experts in the field of Primary Care and Cancer to discuss new initiatives, current research and future challenges.

Our key note speaker is world renowned Prof Eva Grunfeld, Director, Knowledge Translation Research, Health Services Research Program, Cancer Care Ontario and the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research.

Designed to showcase PC4’s work and highlight the important role of primary care providers across the cancer continuum, the Symposium will include the topics:
•Prevention and early diagnosis
•Palliative care
•Importance of consumers in research

With panel discussions surrounding:
•What is next for palliative care in cancer
•Challenges of designing successful survivorship trials

The symposium is a multidisciplinary meeting and is open to anyone with an interest in primary care research in cancer care.

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