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Cancer Survivorship Conference

Future of Cancer Survivorship: Evolution or Revolution?



Rydges World Square, Sydney

In 2019, we are focussing on the theme of “Future of Cancer Survivorship: Evolution or Revolution?” The last 20 years have witnessed a significant evolution of the field of survivorship. But is it enough? Are there aspects where a revolution is in the making? We recognise of course that revolutions are not usually designed – they are often spontaneous, arising in response to pressing challenges that cannot be solved in a traditional way – but aren’t these just the challenges that cancer survivors grapple with?

The Committee is developing a program that we hope will engage our broad audience and perhaps revolutionise a thing or two–Sessions will feature topics such as:
• Cost of cancer – at an individual and societal level
• Cardio-toxicity of cancer treatment and cardiovascular disease after cancer
• Sexuality and cancer
• Support of carers and family needs
• Living with cancer recurrence.
and (of course) some art to feast the senses.