Dear SWTCRC members,

It is with a mixture of sadness and pride that we said farewell to the Sydney West TCRC yesterday on June 30, 2021. Our TCRC changed the world of oncology in the west of Sydney. Our MDTs have blossomed, matured, and continue to transform the way we care for our patients. The glistening new aspect of our MDTs is their role in recognising important clinical questions at the coal face, and presenting these to the research community to help solve. Watch for some exciting announcements in the next few months about how we will add further research firepower to our MDTs to enrich the environment in which we work, and improve outcomes.

After 10 years of operation we have much to be proud of, and many of our successful programs will continue to thrive and grow after SWTCRC as an entity ceases.

Our flagship programs, education initiatives, research support and networking and collaboration opportunities, including eight CPMCC Symposia, have assisted emerging and established cancer researchers, clinician-researchers, and brought people together in new programs to improve patient outcomes through translational research. None of this would have been possible without you, our members. Your active involvement in SWTCRC enriched the experience for everyone.

Even though SWTCRC has been wound up, there is good news.

We are delighted to announce new grant funding from the Cancer Institute NSW to build translational cancer research capacity across western, central and northern Sydney, operating under Sydney Health Partners, and led by our own Professor Anna DeFazio. From July 1, 2021 this new entity will build on collaborations and gains made through the translational cancer research centres of Sydney West, Sydney Catalyst, Sydney Vital, and the Kids Cancer Alliance-Westmead, and will harness the considerable cancer research strengths of the University of Sydney. Over the next few months while this new entity is being established, our website www.sydneywest.org.au and twitter account @SWTCRC will remain active and we will post important developments on these platforms. We will also use this mailing list to send out important information.

Finally, I would like to thank our management team and acknowledge the contributions of all our 500+ members. We are humbled by the experience of being involved in and assisting your research and appreciate you joining SWTCRC in our shared aim to improve outcomes for people affected by cancer.

Warm regards,

Professor Paul Harnett
Director, Sydney West TCRC