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Membership is open to clinicians, researchers, students and allied health professionals whose primary area of interest is cancer treatment, research or education in western Sydney.

Members usually belong to one of our Partner Institutions, but individual membership applications may also be considered.

Members of the SW-TCRC are expected to support the goals and objectives of the program. To allow the SW-TCRC to fulfil its reporting requirements, information on educational or research activity and outcomes may be requested from members.


  • Eligibility to apply for funding schemes offered by the SWTCRC, including travel and research support.
  • Access to support for preparation of Ethics, Research Governance and Grant applications. Access to the members only content on the SWTCRC web site.
  • Access to educational and mentoring activities offered through the SWTCRC.
  • Eligibility to apply as Lead Investigator on Cancer Institute NSW funding schemes requiring TCRC endorsement.
  • Access to collaborative links and networking opportunities with other translational cancer researchers.

Member Obligations

  • Update your member profile regularly: Keep your personal and professional details up-to-date; this includes your contact details, as well as your research interests and projects (eg grants, publications). For more on how your information will be used, see our Privacy and Use of Information statement. We will periodically send you a reminder to browse your SWTCRC online profile and make sure your details are current on an annual basis.
  • Share information and collaborate with other SWTCRC members.
  • Become involved in specific SWTCRC activities or projects.
  • Contribute to SWTCRC program monitoring and reporting. From time-to-time we will ask members to provide us with information required for monitoring and reporting of our program.

Member Criteria

  • Membership is open to cancer researchers, including postgraduate students, people working in the delivery of cancer services, and people who are responsible for the care of patients with cancer.
  • Members are employed by or enrolled at SWTCRC member institutions, or hold a formal affiliation with a member institution.
  • All members are expected to work actively towards the goals of the SWTCRC and fulfilling the membership obligations.

Affiliate Member Criteria

Affiliate membership is considered on a case-by-case basis. Examples of affiliate membership include;

  • People who formally collaborate with SWTCRC members
  • People who are employed or enrolled at SWTCRC partner institutions but whose primary interest outside cancer
  • Members of other Cancer Institute NSW Translational Cancer Research Centres who collaborate a member of the SWTCRC

Affiliate members are not eligible to apply for SWTCRC internal funding schemes. Affiliate members are expected to work actively towards the goals of the SWTCRC and fulfilling the membership obligations.

Applications for SWTCRC Member or Affiliate Membership will be reviewed and confirmed by SWTCRC Leadership or Executive.

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