Our Education Initiatives Program is investigating innovative ways of delivering education to medical students, staff and patients.

360° Procedures Videos

Using a state of the art 360° Virtual Reality camera, the educational innovation team is creating immersive Virtual Reality videos of medical procedures for JMO education. These resources complement hands on training and increase JMO familiarity with procedures which they may have limited opportunity to observe during training.

Due to the nature of this content, the 360° Procedures Videos are hosted on the WSLHD intranet for trainees to view and review at their own pace. The current procedures include:

  • Lumbar Puncture
  • Bone Marrow Biopsy

Staff Orientation Videos

Joining a large teaching hospital can be daunting whether you are a JMO doing an oncology rotation, or a new clinician or other staff member joining the team. We are producing a range of welcome and orientation videos which give information and introduce key staff to new starters.

Patient Information and Education

We are collaborating with nurses and allied health professionals to develop a series of informative and educational videos for patients and their carers. These videos will be delivered to patients’ in clinic waiting rooms via the internal TV network.

December 2019

WSLHD Dietician Brooke, talks about the benefit of a healthy diet for patients during their cancer treatment. She shows patients what a healthy diet looks like and how to boost calories through the addition of energy rich foods if a patients is losing weight while on treatment.

November 2019

Our first patient education video focusses on exercise during cancer treatment.

Oncology Clinical Scenarios

We are developing a series of clinical scenario conversations as part of our online educational support for JMOs and Residents. The series will focus of common clinical scenarios faced by clinicians treating cancer patients.

January 2020

Prof Nicholas Wilcken and Prof Paul Harnett sat down together in January to discuss their take on two important clinical scenarios.

Spinal Cord Compression

Advanced Care Directives

November 2019

In the first of our clinical scenario videos Prof Nicholas Wilcken, head of Medical Oncology, Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre & Prof Paul Harnett, Director of Cancer Services WSLHD talk about Febrile Neutropaenia.

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