Using emerging health data to impact on patient care

Flagship Leads. Prof Tim Shaw, Prof Paul Harnett

Flagship Leads. Prof Tim Shaw, Prof Paul Harnett

Real-time comprehensive patient data is increasingly becoming available to individual practitioners, teams and organisations. This Flagship Program focuses on evaluating how this emerging data can be captured and used to impact on cancer care in western Sydney. We are investigating how data from electronic medical records (eMR) can be used to support MDTs and clinicians in monitoring the delivery of care and engaging in quality improvement.

Quality of Care Dashboard

In this project an interactive, clinician-friendly dashboard has been designed and implemented where quality measurement data for breast cancer MDTs can be visualised. A method for automating the extraction of breast cancer data from multiple hospital eMRs was devised. A dashboard was then constructed to visualise chosen quality measures in a way which was meaningful and informative to the clinicians. The dashboard will be a useful tool in MDT and other specialty-specific meetings, research and clinical trials, patient consults, planning and reporting and personal practice reflection.

The team have now expanded this work looking at colorectal cancer across multiple sites and LHDs.

April 2020

Janssen A, Donnelly C, Kay J, Thiem P, Saavedra A, Pathmanathan N, Elder E, Dinh P, Kabir M, Jackson K, Harnett P, Shaw T. (2020) Developing an Intranet-Based Lymphedema Dashboard for Breast Cancer Multidisciplinary Teams: Design Research Study. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 22(4):e13188

November 2019

Candice Donnelly, Senior Project Officer working on the Quality of Care Dashboard Project recently travelled to the US as part of the University of Sydney’s Harvard Mobility Scheme Award. She visited several several US Cancer Centres and Universities later this year to strengthen collaborations and discuss how eMRs can be used to impact on the practice of clinical teams.

March 2019

Prof Tim Shaw and Candice Donnelly were featured in the Sydney Health Partners news talking about the Quality of Care Dashboard project


Adaptive Education

This project aims to use eMR data to personalise delivery of online training to oncology ward junior doctors (JMOs) based on the patients and care they have delivered in the previous 24 hours.
Our proof of concept focusses on appropriate pathology test ordering and patient management once test results are received. The project team is collaborating with oncology advanced trainees from SWTCRC sites to build teaching cases, and with WSLHD Pathology to extract eMR data.

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