Strategy & Objectives

About us

& Objectives

Providing activities and support that promote connections

between talented people so they can unite in a common purpose.

We aim to enhance translational cancer medicine through a range of initiatives including:

Embedding research as one of the core disciplines contributing to the Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) based approach to cancer care.
Providing support, training and development of the cancer workforce; and implementing and evaluating the impact of strategies to disseminate knowledge.
Effecting practice change in the broader clinical community.

Program Goals


Accelerate the adoption of research generated evidence into practice for improved patient outcomes.


Drive the efficiency and effectiveness of incorporating research, clinical training, education and service delivery.


Collaborations within the centre’s clinical and research disciplines.


Collaborations between other centres of research and clinical excellence.

Centre Operations

Centre Manager

Dr Bronwyn Robertson

t: 02 8890 9561 (Tue, Wed, Thu)
t: 02 8627 3053 (Mon, Fri)

Research support officer

Dr Karin Lyon

t: 02 8890 9552 (Tue, Wed, Thu)
t: 02 8627 3788 (Mon, Fri)

Educational Program Lead

Cyntia Franco

Funding Opportunities